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Exactly where you are is exactly where you need to be ​to begin. Let’s do this together

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Compassionate, integrat​ive therapy for t​he journey.

Here, Together is more than just a therapy practice- For some, it is a space to meet themselves for ​the first time, a space to tend to wounded parts, a space to learn new routes for the road ahead... ​No matter where you are on your journey, there is healing to be found when we are here, ​together.

Meet Sarah

Welcome! I am so glad you are ​here.

I practice from a person-centered philosophy, ​which means I believe you have the wisdom ​and courage you need for your journey inside ​of you already. This heartful approach ​welcomes all parts of the human experience. It ​is my honor to come alongside not as an expert, ​but as a companion, as we discover and explore ​the strength and knowing within.

Led by curiosity and a spirit of collaboration, I ​offer tools to deepen this process of learning ​and discovery, including Internal Family ​Systems (IFS), Imago Relationship Therapy, ​the Neuro-Affective Relational Model ​(NARM) techniques, and somatic-based ​practices.

My approach to this sacred work is ​compassionate, warm, gentle, and informed by ​an understanding of how our nervous systems ​work to support our healing.

Sometimes choosing to begin therapy is not a ​loud calling, but a quiet whisper. Here, ​together, we can gently open our hearts and ​minds to the wisdom, strength, and healing ​ready to emerge.

Populations & Specializations


Ages 10-18

Emerging adulthood


IF​s and “parts work”

attachment and relational ​trauma


young adulthood

Ages 25-40


  • Parent-child
  • Family Systems

Responsive, trauma ​informed parent​i​ng

self-compassion and inner-child ​work

Developmental TRAUMA / ​C-Ptsd

Let's discuss your needs and hopes for your therapy journey. Reach out to schedule a free 15-minute consultation.


50-minute in-person sessions take place at 226 ​Remington St. in the heart of Old Town, walking or ​biking distance from Colorado State University’s ​campus.


50-minute virtual sessions are offered via a ​confidential, HIPPA compliant virtual space. ​Unsure which option would be best for you? Let's ​discuss it!

Common Questions

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What will our sessions be like?

From our first session together on, you can expect a warm, gentle environment that welcomes you exactly where you ​are on your journey. Rather than directing therapy from a goal-oriented mindset, I will help facilitate space for ​growth to emerge organically and intuitively, trusting in the healing and integration that takes place through ​relational safety and connection. Rather than approaching our work with an agenda to “fix”, I hope to hold a light for ​you that illuminates new opportunities for insight, curiosity, and integration.

Our work together will take place in a calming, compassionate environment, with freedom to customize your ​experience to help your system feel safe and settled for the therapeutic process.

Do you have more questions? Please reach out! I am here to help you begin this process with courage and ease.

Common Questions

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Will I be affirmed and respected?

I understand that therapeutic spaces have not always been safe places for everyone. For some of you, giving ​therapy another try after being hurt under the guise of healing is incredibly scary- and understandably so.

Know that when we are here together, you will be wholeheartedly affirmed and honored for exactly who you ​are, who you have been, and who you are becoming.

I am LGBTQ+ identified and allied and practice from a social-justice lens, understanding the ways oppression ​shapes the realities of physical, emotional, and mental health.

Do you have more questions? Please reach out! I am here to help you begin this process with courage and ease.

Common Questions

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Do you accept insurance?

While insurance can reduce the financial burden of therapy, it can also restrict the therapeutic process. ​Insurance companies require therapists to report a diagnosis and use this to direct the course of your ​therapeutic process.

This has the potential to limit the number of sessions and interrupting treatment- a sacred journey that I ​believe should be guided by your intuition, personal perception of growth, and in collaboration with your ​trusted therapist.

For these reasons, I do not panel with any insurance companies.

Do you have more questions? Please reach out! I am here to help you begin this process with courage and ease.

Common Questions

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What is my financial investment?

The cost for our sessions is $95/hour. Sessions are offered on a weekly or biweekly rhythm.

A commitment of 24-hours advanced notice is also required for cancellations.

I will discuss session fees and policies during our consultation call and will gladly answer any questions you ​may have about expectations and investment.

In addition to credit cards, I also accept HSA cards. Superbills are available for potential insurance ​reimbursement.

Do you have more questions? Please reach out! I am here to help you begin this process with courage and ease.

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